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Technologist. Coach. Sailor. Skier. Pistonhead. Moviegoer. Art Enthusiast. Foodie. Oenophile. Pianist. Londoner. Husband. Christian.


I have a new found interest in books. In this age of social media posts and internet distractions, books provide a means of indulging one's curiosity and going deeper into a subject than an article aimed at the TL;DR generation.

For many years I struggled to find the time to get into books. A few years ago a change of job replaced a 20 minute walk to work with a 40 minute commute. This commute includes a ten minute tube journey, a change of lines, followed by another ten minute tube journey: five pages to and from work; thats ten pages a day; fifty pages a week; a book a month.

My current and recent reading list.


Faith, and in particular, my Christian faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, has been an intrinsic part of my life. This has been a source of comfort and inspiration.

While I am still very much a work in progress and I have been closer to, or distant from, God at various times in my life, the Bible, as God's word to us, has been a constant source of both encouragement and challenge.

A selection of my reflections on the Bible are here.

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